Our Training Courses:

Excellent course in all areas. Comfortable setting and relaxed atmosphere was perfect for learning. Dr Root is extremely knowledgeable and approachable to address all of the questions asked in class. I don't know how you could improve the foundation course. I can't wait to come back and take the DOE class.
N. M., Process Engineer, INCO Ltd (International Copper), Ontario, Canada

We help our customers achieve concrete training goals: 
  • Increased Awareness: We strive to increase your awareness of the utility of statistics as a valuable problem investigation and decision-making tool.
  • Statistical Thinking: You will learn the framework for thinking and communicating statistically.
  • Empowerment with Capability: We will enhance your ability to identify and use appropriate statistical methods and software for data collection and analysis.
  • Implementation: Our goal is to see you successfully implement statistical thinking, decision-making, and action in the work environment.

We’ve developed a unique approach based on decades of industry and training experience. All of our courses integrate a decision-based framework for thinking and communicating statistically with lots of hands-on data application at the computer. We offer two levels of courses in a variety of fields, as well as a preparation course: 
  • Preparation: In our Elementary Statistics course we emphasize understanding and describing data. Some topics covered include: data collection and recording, charts, graphs, means, standard deviations, and other sample statistics. We use easy, playful exercises and simple class experiments. Learn to use STATGRAPHICS to communicate data results. This course is especially for secretaries, admin support, production workers — anyone who has had no experience summarizing and interpreting data (or forgot everything they learned!). Prerequisite: High school diploma or GED.

  • Foundation: Our Foundation level course gives you the “big picture”, shows how statistical procedures fit into this framework and teaches you how to use STATGRAPHICS statistical software to effectively explore and analyze your data and make sound decisions. Because the foundation courses teach statistical thinking, design, and communication, as well as analysis, they are important even for those already familiar with statistical analysis techniques. Even people who have already had a course or two of college level statistics get a great deal out of our foundation course.

  • Focus: Our Focus level courses provide in-depth grounding in the most important areas of statistical methodology, or methods requiring a higher level of preparation, and they can be tailored to suit the needs of particular clients in each application area. 

Every course contains coached workshop time for students to work with their own data. All courses are four days in length unless otherwise indicated (with optional 5th day for our Industrial Foundation and DOE courses) and are available on-site, as well as at our public location.
Sound ethical decisions based on data! 
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