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The single most helpful thing for me was the framework for thinking statistically. It provides a great context for the detailed topics and makes using the software much more natural. I would have liked to have such a model years ago!
M. M., R&D Engineer, Hewlett Packard

Sound ethical decisions based on data! 

Alpine Analytics is a small full-service firm devoted to helping you and your organization make better decisions based on data using modern data analytics. Whether you are in industry, government or scientific research, variability is an inherent part of your world. Through training, consulting and software sales, we help you gain a capability in modern data analytics with statistics, the language of variability. We give you the three keys to mastering this language: thinking statistically, analyzing data with statistical software, and communicating analytics results with statistical graphics. Youíll see better results, less waste, higher productivity, greater scientific insight and improved customer satisfaction.
Just as economics is the language of business, statistics is the language of variability, especially as it relates to processes. The ability to think statistically helps you properly address real-world uncertainty and risk inherent in your decision environment. 
Dr Root Routledge 
Thank you...Iíve gained immeasurable insight from this course. The instruction was the most dynamic Iíve had during my 10+ years in the semiconductor industry. 
M. B., Process Engineer, Ibis Corporation 

Great course! Even held my attention through what might otherwise be some very dry subject matter! 
D. S., Director of Quality Assurance, Pneumo Abex Corporation
Sound ethical decisions based on data! 
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