Our Laboratory Statistics Courses: 
  1. General Statistical Design and Analysis for the Laboratory
  2. Laboratory Statistical Design and Analysis
  • General Statistical Design and Analysis for the Laboratory: [Foundation course - 4 days] Basic statistics and STATGRAPHICS fundamentals.  Framework for statistical thinking. Precision, fixed and relative bias, calibration, equipment differences, LOQ/LOD, regulations.  This course is especially for analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical labs, and others in the measurement profession. View syllabus
  • Prerequisite: Exposure to working with data (equivalent to our Elementary Statistics course). Prior college statistics course helpful but not required  top

  • Laboratory Statistical Design and Analysis: [Focus course - 4 days] Review of framework for statistical thinking (with laboratory focus) and STATGRAPHICS. Laboratory validation studies, intra and inter-laboratory comparisons and collaborative tests. Two sample charts. AOAC recommended methodologies. Laboratory quality assurance and process control.
  • Prerequisite: Foundation course or instructor consent.  top

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