The Software:

STATGRAPHICS is very powerful and intuitive. An excellent software package.
A. M., R&D Engineer, Hewlett Packard

We use STATGRAPHICS software in all of our courses. STATGRAPHICS, developed and published by StatPoint Technologies, Inc, is the best data analytics software on the market for the ordinary non-statistician working with data, as well as for the sophisticated user. It is truly an integrated, interactive statistical-graphics program for the PC and gives you the important ability to switch back-and-forth between “pictures” of your data and numerical results at the click of a button — empowering you with efficient data analytics capability. Designing data collection through experiments or sampling is efficient and powerful. You don’t have to be a current STATGRAPHICS user to benefit from our courses; in fact, we will teach you how to use STATGRAPHICS in the context of learning statistics. Alpine Analytics has been a STATGRAPHICS software dealer nationwide since 1991. Alpine Analytics is also an authorized international STATGRAPHICS dealer for Canada, Mexico and Africa.
If you would like to know more about STATGRAPHICS software, please visit our web site at:
Real hands-on training! The instructor was able to keep our class together and none of us got lost. 
B. N., Information Manager, Proctor & Gamble
Sound ethical decisions based on data! 
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