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Alpine Analytics has been in the business of data analytics since 1991. Welcome to our Alpine Analytics web site. Our purpose, through training, consulting and software sales, is to enhance your capability in making sound ethical decisions based on data.

We offer two principle courses (Industrial Foundation Course and Design of Experiments Course) in the science and technology of data analytics and decisions. These two popular courses will enhance your current technical background in engineering or science by empowering you with the statistical tools required for most industrial applications. This includes the design of data collection efforts focused on decision needs, through two fundamental approaches to observing your "decision world" with the help of data analytics (for example, your manufacturing process world). The first of these two approaches, called sampling is to simply observe your world at a given point in time by drawing observations from it in a well designed way, or by monitor your world over time with a planned sequence of observations, for example in statistical process control.

The second approach involves manipulating your world in a controlled fashion and then collecting data that characterizes the response of important variables to the changes you impose on your world. This approach involves experiments and we teach you how to design good experiments that address your decision objectives, and how to analyze, interpret and present the results both numerically and graphically.

This is the broad field of statistics, data science and data analytics. In our foundation course you will learn a framework for thinking statistically, which we call the "Alpine Analytics Framework for Statistical Thinking™", and its relationship to the scientific method, which helps you understand the concepts of data collection, analysis and modeling, along with lots of experience in applying your new knowledge with actual data. You will also learn how to use a data analytics statistical software program, called STATGRAPHICS, to do the hard work of design and analysis for you. In our DOE course you will learn how to create and implement good designs for your particular decision environment and budget constraints. Each course incorporates at least four hours of workshop time where you get to apply what you've learned working with your own data and help from the instructor.

We also offer specialty analytics courses in empirical model building, forecasting, and product reliability and life-time data analysis. Industry specific courses are available in laboratory statistics, environmental statistics and pharmaceutical statistics. Contact us for details.

We look forward to serving your education needs in making sound ethical decisions, based on well founded principles of data analytics, along with the insights and understanding that come from direct observation of your decision world. Many of our clients tell us that our courses pay for themselves almost immediately from things they learn to implement as soon as they return to work that facilitate better decisions and more efficient use of resources.

Root Routledge, PhD
President, Alpine Analytics

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